Spatial distribution of runoff in Temštica river basin

Sanja Mustafić


The values of specific runoff are defined by model of multi factorial analyses combined with method of "grid" system. Elemental unit is presented by unit field of 0.5 x 0.5 km. Such multi regression model of high statistical significance enables analyses of specific runoff from many aspects. First aspect is establishing the amount and distribution of water for every altitude zone in total runoff creating. Second is presented in its altitude distribution in dependence of altitude existing of some lithologic-hydrologic complex; at the and from aspect from spatial regionalization it is possible to perceive water distribution within the river basin. By that we could realize water condition of some differential and contrast areas. Application of above mentioned methods as well as processing of each relevant parameter for studying these kinds of problems are carried out in GEOMEDIA program.


specific runoff, lithologico-hydrologic complex, spatial distribution, Temstica

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