ÄŒaÄak and its daily urban system: 1st part

Srboljub Stamenković, Dragica Gatarić


According to its functional capacity and the range of convergent and divergent gravitational influences, ÄŒaÄak belongs to the group of macroregional centers of Serbia, with spatially and demographically strongly expressed and branchy urban system. In this article, we have analyzed daily convergent and divergent areas of labor force only, while other segments of urban system of ÄŒaÄak will be treated in our forthcoming articles. Every day 10011 people travel toward ÄŒaÄak, as well as from the city toward surroundings, to work or study. In the convergent daily gravitation, 8537 commuters take place (6592 workers or 77.2%, and 1945 schoolchildren and students or 22.8%), of which workers traveling from 166 settlements situated in the city surrounding. Divergent daily urban influence of ÄŒaÄak has significantly smaller mass - 1474 commuters (1089 workers or 73.9%, and 385 pupils and students or 26.1%), as well as less settlements toward which distribution workers of commuters is distributed (91 settlements). Daily urban area of labor force of ÄŒaÄak is wider and demographically more expressed comparing to the same area of pupils and students.


settlement, convergent and divergent daily gravitation, workers-commuters, Čačak

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