Presentation tourism offer on the Internet

Nevena Ćurčić


The Internet has become basic infrastructure for many jobs, a medium of representing many businesses and progressively influential source of information. Therefore, the Internet has developed into a significant distributing, communicational and trade channel in tourism and catering industry throughout the world and in this area as well. This paper is a short survey of various possibilities of the Internet, with the special emphasis on the analysis of Serbian tourism presence on the Internet, by means of tourism and catering offer in cyber companies’ system of services. The aim of the paper is to make partial systematization of the present tourist offer of Serbia on the Internet with the brief rating and analysis of the websites. The goal of the paper is to point out the presence of Serbian tourist and catering services on the Internet, the restricting factors in e-business of the country and the importance of further promotional activities of tourism of Serbia on the global network.


tourism, catering, Internet, Serbia

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