The importance and potentials of X corridor in the European traffic system

Branislav Stojanović, Marina Todorović


In the network of multimodular corridors, but also in the European traffic system on the whole, corridor X has a very important role more in respect of its position and potentials and less regarding the degree of it valuation. It is particularly so since it represents a section of the intercontinental (land) link between Europe and Near and Middle East. At the same time, this corridor is also a dominant axis of development in the majority of SE European countries, as well as a major component of complex spatial-functional transformations that occur within them. That, inter alias, means that the pace of overall development of these parts will depend both on the pace of the overall valuation of potentials this corridors has (and represents), as well as the strengthening of its role as a major element of intra- and inter-regional linking of this part of European continent.


corridors, regions, potentials, traffic, Europe

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