Danube space in Serbia through history up to date: Short overview

Velimir Šećerov, Marija Nevenić


Up to date Danube space is the most developed region in its category. The biggest cities in Serbia belong to the Danube axis, the biggest economic potentials and development possibilities. At the same time border regions along the Danube become potentially regions with the biggest chance for spatial integration with the neighboring countries. This way, they are opening the possibility of state territory promotion. Such a trend is the consequence of the Danube natural position and its important for the Balkan Space and Europe in general, as well as the historical facts talking about the unbreakable relation of the nations along the Danube (from ancient Greeks up to date) who were searching, through history, over him the reasons for cooperation and mutual development. That is why this paper is trying to give a short chronological overview upon the use of the Danube potentials and look back on the present state and perspectives in the Serbian Danube Space.


Danube Space, cooperation, regions

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