Environment, tourism and planning

Stevan Stanković


One of the characteristics of modern society are more massive tourist trends. Tourists overcame all parts of our planet and provoked line of positive and negative phenomena and processes. Positive dominate negative and that’s the reason why many countries develop domicile and foreign tourism. Environment and tourism perform indivisible totality. Contemporary tourism demands important areas of original or well protected environment, because only on this areas can be develops planned and brings economic and social advantages to domicile population (receptive) and to tourists (initiative). Science and practice for needs of tourism considers line of positive relations toward environment, because some of her elements are special tourist values. For need of tourism is underlines need of acceptation principles of active protection environment, because it is always better to plan, than to reclaim negative effects. In work which treats environment, modern tourism and planning, is appeared to scope of international tourism in world and dynamics of tourism development in a last six decades. It was special emphasized relations between tourism and nature, because in many countries offer of natural tourist values is more massive than offer of monuments. It is a word about need of nature protection for tourism, because nature is a real tourist value only when she is authentic or well protected. In second part it was analyzed importance of tourism planning on different levels, considering local and national traits in areas favorable for tourism development.


environment, tourism, protection, initiative, receptive, planning, reclamation

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