The Äerdap National Park : The polyfunctional tourist region

Stevan Stanković


The Äerdap National park, which comprises the river, the lake, the gorge, and mountainous surrounding and has a potential in water and land traffic, influences several economic possibilities in rural and urban settlements. That influence would result in additional funds for spatial planning, which is one of the priorities when development of tourism in Serbia is in question. In our country, which is continental area of the Balkans, Äerdap lake, as a part of the Äerdap National park, is not only of local and regional value, but also of national, European, tourism, energetic, traffic, cultural, historic, and civilization value. It seems that tourism, as an industrial branch, which connects the area, people and activities in an improved way, has to be design and developed with special attention. In the Äerdap National Park there are excellent conditions for the development of many types of tourism, that are to be developed in concordance with other industrial branches and thus broadening the base for economy and valorization of natural and obtained wealth. Natural features of the Äerdap National Park stand as a renewing part for its polyvalence and multification and being combined in various ways the frequently compose unfavorable complexes. Those features are relief, hydrographic objects, climate, flora and fauna. The Äerdap National Park comprises cultural historical monuments from the Neolithic Period to modern times. Cultural heritage shows that the Danube riparian area was inhabited in the Neolithic Period and since than it has preserved the continuity of living. The development of the living in this area may be traced at archeological sites of back to Roman, Turkish and modern buildings.


The Đerdap national park, polyvalence, polyfunctionally, science, culture, tourism, archeological inheritance, reservations

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