Živadin Jovičić, Jovan Cvijić Medal Winer

Milorad Vasović


Živadin Jovičić was born in 1931 in Selevac, county of Smederevska Palanka. He fi nished secondary school in Smederevo and in 1954 graduated Geographical Department of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Belgrade. In 1955 Geographic office took him for na assistant. He successfully defended his doctoral dissertation “Geomorfologic study of recent erosion and accumulation in Vranjska valley and Grdelicka gorge” in 1959. In 1962 he became docent, then in 1968 associate profesor and finaly in 1975 hehas been elected for full professor.For several years, he has been director in Institute for tourism and dean of Department for tourismologic sciences at Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Belgrade. During the first decade of his research work, profesor Jovičić was engaged in geomorfologic problems and published 10 works. In the mid-sixties he became orientated towards toutictic geography and estabilished teoretical-methodological basices for exspanse researches in tourism. Eight of his monographs are dedicated to this problem. Živadin Jovičić has also entered International scientific meetings and, as invited, taugh lessons in several countries: Spain, Poland, Russia, Greece, Italy, Austria. He is associate, as a scientific consultant, at Geographic institute “Jovan Cvijić". Also, he is member of Executive board of SerbiaGeografic Society and full professor of Touristic Geograohy at Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Banjaluka. Besides, he is member of AIEST which residence is in Bern. Не уrote 20 books: monographs, studies and university textbooks. Also he published over 100 scientific works, 17 of whisc in foreigen languages, and great number of researches and popular-science works.


Živadin Jovičić, Serbia, geography, bibliography

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