Geographic and historic characteristics of PanÄevaÄki Rit

Dejan Šabić


In this paper historic and geographic development of Pancevacki rit region have been emphasized. The oldest inhabitants of Pancevacki rit were Sarmats. This region was populated by Scordists, one of the Iliric tribes too. In the 12. уear a.d. the region feel under the Roman rule. Remains of material culture dating from times still can be found. The Slаv tribe of Serbs inhabited this region in VI and VII centuries. The region feel under the Turkeys rule in 16" century. Economic, cultural and educational development of Serbs was stoped under the Turkish rule. During the Turkish feudal government great ethnic, religious and cultural changes took place. Rapid population increase in Pancevacki rit started after Second World War especially after 1960, when industrial development started.


population, development, history

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