The importance of the natural and social resources in the function of the integrational and ambiental approach within the school function innovation

Slađana Anđelković, Zorica Stanisavljević Petrović


In work, different possibilities are considered, which are offered by natural and social resources with the goal to change and modernize the teaching outside of the classroom in different environments. Modern teaching is based on the holistic, integrated approach in which the knowledge is viewed as a complete system in a constant process of transformation. Thus, the importance of the environment is asserted, the importance of the ambient in which the teaching process is being conducted. Authentic environment (natural and social resources) in which the teaching is realized, outside of the classroom, creates possibilities for learning through active working methods, independent research, exploration and noticing the relationships and connections. Teaching in the authentic environment offers a series of advantages for both the students and teacher-partners in the process of constructing a knowledge system. Using the resources and modern complex integration approach within the existing educational practice can significantly influence the modernization and innovation of the educational process, and can make the school, as a basic educational institution, a more suitable and more attractive for the generations to come.


natural and social resources, school, changes, integration, ambiental education

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