The natural conditions as a limiting factor for the development of Serbian-Macedonian border area

Slavoljub Dragićević, Ivica Milevski, Ivan Novković, Boban Milojković


Natural conditions of certain area imply to the complex influence of various elements of the environment (surface, relief, climate, water, vegetation type) and man, and knowledge of their recent state represents basis of an integrated approach in the land use planning. Analysis of natural conditions and processes in the Serbian-Macedonian border area is usually done through the valorization of natural potentials, but aspect of their limiting influence on the development of this territory - natural hazards assessment has remained unresolved. Degree of natural hazards vulnerability of a certain territory is an important factor in land use planning, because it represents a threat to the undisturbed development of a certain teritory. The basic idea of this paper is to provide multi-hazard assessment and the integral map of areas vulnerable to various types of natural hazards in Serbian-Macedonian border area. In this way seclusion of areas where natural conditions can represent the limiting factor for the development of the analyzed territory shall be performed.


natural condition and hazard, risk assessment, vulnerable areas, spatial planning, integral map

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