Weekend settlements: The case of Sićevačka gorge

Marija Martinović, Ivan Ratkaj, Mikica Sibinović


In this paper we present an analysis of the impact of an intensive process of building rest and recreation houses and the establishment of settlements in the Sićevačka gorge, Serbia, from the 1960s to the beginning of the 20th, century. The analysis is based on field research conducted in 2001/2002nd, as well as official statistical data. In this paper, settlements are defined by their spatial distribution, characteristics of the local position within the existing territory (Atari), and basic trends in development and advanced geospatial changes. Special attention is devoted to the consideration of how the density of temporary settlements (weekend) has impacted the permanent (continuous) population as well as the territorial and population development of existing rural settlements.


Sićevačka gorge, weekend settlements, rest and recreation houses

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