Upper Barremian-Lower Aptian Urgonian limestone's in the Rakova bara section (Carpatho-balkanides, NE Serbia): Analysis and comparison with adjacent areas

Ivana Carević, Darivojka Ljubović-Obradović, Monika Božinović, Velimir Jovanović


The Upper Barremian-Lower Aptian succession is recorded from a limestone sequence that crops out in the surrounding of Rakova Bara in the Carpatho-Balkanides range in northeastern Serbia. The micropalaeontological and sedimentological studies lead to recognition of the two types of microfacies. The benthic foraminiferal association consists of Vercorsella laurentii, Rumanoloculina robusta, Praechrysalidina infracretaceae, Dictyoconus gr. arabicus, Debarina hahounerensis, Charentia cuvilieri and Pseudocyclammina lituus that confirm the stratigraphical and palaeoenvironmental connection of the microfossil assemblages with the classical Urgonian-type, shallow-water carbonate sedimentation. The association documented for the first time in the study area is considered typical of the Tethyan Realm. The stratigraphical position of the benthic foraminifera species within the Upper Barremian-Lower Aptian interval is discussed. The Urgonian Limestone's of the studied section are comparable with adjacent areas of eastern Serbia and Romanian South Carpathians.


Upper Barremian-Lower Aptian, Urgonian limestone's, micropalaeontology, sedimentology, benthic foraminifers, Carpatho-Balkanides, Northeastern Serbia

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