The erosion intensity changes in Zaječar municipality

Slavoljub Dragićević, Ivan Novković, Milena Milutinović


Apart from other geomorphologic processes (glacial erosion, nivation, abrasion) which are predominantly determined by the intensity of natural factors, soil erosion is significantly determined by anthropogenic influences. Despite the fact that the physical-geographic factors are important determinants of the erosion intensity this geomorphologic process has also demographic, socio-economic, environmental, and multidisciplinary aspects as well. Control works, some demographic characteristics of the territory and the type of land use are the direct and indirect anthropogenic influences and modifiers of the intensity of this process. The basic idea of this paper is to assess the basic socio-geographic change over certain area and to determine its effects on the erosion intensity.


erosion, control works, demographic characteristics, land use, Zaječar

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