Nature as an inspiration and a context for learning and teaching

Slađana Anđelković, Zorica Stanisavljević Petrović


This paper is a position of contextual and holistic approach, and on the principles of constructivist theory examines the role of natural resources in the teaching and learning process. In the center of interest by the possibility of establishing a partnership relationship with nature in the process of teaching and learning, where nature appears as an asset, source and target classes. The aim is to get through the display and analysis of theoretical approaches to nature as a context for learning and teaching perceive from the perspective of affirmation contextual, holistic, active, investigative approach to teaching. This will promote new teaching strategies in order to change the classical approach to teaching and learning process and open up new opportunities to increase the share of after-school space in order to create teaching situations. Results of the analysis of theoretical starting points in particular knowledge of the value of contextual and holistic learning, achieving partnership with nature, in favor of modern theories in which it promotes active student positions close to reality in the process of construction of knowledge systems.


nature; context; learning; teaching; contextual approach; holistic approach; constructivist theory

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